It's All Connected

Hi, and welcome to my website!

I love being creative. Thinking creatively can be the result of something as simple as resolving a personal irritation or as complex as tackling a pressing need which will impact a large group. When you're being creative, fundamentally you have a need to solve a dilemma. It's nicely summed up the phrase, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

Moving from creative thinking to true innovation takes into account examining 'the bigger picture' and there discovering and implementing something of better value than an easy solution. One of my favorite innovation writers and blogger, Greg Satell writes that innovation is not a single invention but an ecosystem of connections that shape and transform an idea into a reality. Diversity of experience and connections enables creative thinking. But as much as you think you've got everything planned out, the end result can still be unpredictable.

So how does a career scientist like myself also happen to be a photographer, digital artist and a school bus driver (albeit now retired from the general workforce)? It's all about personal passions, examining connections, creatively seeing possibilities and embracing the unpredictable. In these blogs and digital works I hope to explore and exploit the connections of science, technology, art and look for their deeply interwoven connections.