Photo of Walter F. Bobrowski

Professional Summary

Recognized technical expert in biological electron microscopy ("EM") supporting diagnostic pathology, now retired. I have been able to leverage my extensive experience as an engaged and innovative problem solver, encompassing a broad range of computer, technical and managerial experiences to create jaw-dropping digital watercolor art from ordinary digital images.

Lakeshore Digital Art, LLC

Digital artist, entrepreneur and owner behind former Lakeshore Digital Art, LLC, now retired.

I continue to be passionate about leveraging 21st century technology to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! Check out samples of my digital art work in the Zoomable Digital Watercolor Gallery.

Digital Imaging Consultancy

Though retired from my innovative entrepreneurial business line, I continue to be passionate about ensuring highest quality image data via online Photoshop training! With over 37 years of professional experience, I am happy to leverage my advanced photographic training & digital image editing skills to aid you with your scientific image data to obtain superlative publication-ready images and highest quality layouts from any standard source material.

Publication Acknowledgements

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Pardo ID, Rao DB, Morrison JP, et al. Nervous System Sampling for General Toxicity and Neurotoxicity Studies in Rabbits.
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Palazzi X, Pardo ID, Ritenour H, Rao DB, Bolon B, Garman RH. A Technical Guide to Sampling the Beagle Dog Nervous System for General Toxicity and Neurotoxicity Studies.
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doi: 10.1177/01926233221099300

Key Scientific Strengths and Accomplishments

Technology Implementation

I am passionate about technology! With 37 year experience, ask me about new and relevant processes and technologies for your sample preparation and digital imaging needs to support your ultrastructural pathology research including:

Operational Efficiency

I am passionate about efficient operations! Ask me about my experience with codifying established laborious laboratory specimen identification and tracking processes into computer algorithms for implementing a multi-user database-driven specimen system for auto-ID, tracking and reporting achieving a greater than 80% efficiency.

Investigative Strategy

I am passionate about new and exciting explorations! With 37 years of experience in biological EM, ask me how unique sample preparation and staining methodologies may aid your efforts with precision visualization and analysis of unsaturated lipids, or precision localization of proteins, in plastic-embedded tissue sections